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Vinyl Clings

Vinyl Clings
Vinyl Clings 1 Vinyl Clings 2 Vinyl Clings 3
Specification Learn More Reviews
Material Static Cling
Size Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: N/A
Coating: N/A
Features Custom Die-cut Shapes
Multiple Designs
Optional Transparent Background
Other Options Face Static
Both Side Printed
Printing on Backer
Extended Backer
SKU# SC-007

Static Cling Vinyl for Windows

Are you ready to give a dynamic look to your business? Placing vinyl clings on walls and windows of your business center can help you pass your promotional messages to the potential customers in an efficient manner. Our clings are made from premium quality static stock and are far more convenient than any other ordinary window stickers. In fact they are wall clings which are repositionable and reusable.

You no longer need to worry about the staining of your windows; since they do not leave behind any kind of residue or stains after removal. These magnetic decals do not lose their magnetic power even after prolonged application because we make use of industry quality cling stock. We recommend them only for indoor application. You can also use these reusable glass stickers on your automobiles such as cars, trucks buses, vans etc. Placing theses elegant decals inside your car’s rear window can make it a moving billboard and an advertisement on the go.

You can send your message across hundreds of fellow motorists on the road when you place custom printable vinyl clings on your car. It is the discounted and result oriented advertising technique which is often used by marketers in the new age. At Printingblue we also offer printing of double sided vinyl cling decals to double the impact on prospective customers. We offer them printed with full customization options such as custom size, shape, die cutting, designing and much more.

So if you are ready to place your order, please contact one of our customer support officers via call, live chat or e-mail for immediate response.

Call Now: 020 3372 4219, 630-233-8595

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