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Static Clings

Non adhesive static clings with both side printing and UV coating
Non adhesive static clings with both side printing and UV coating Die-cut static cling with colourful printing, suitable for brand promotion and giveaways Reusable static clings with custom printing and die-cut shape
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What material are Static Clings made of?


Clear Static Clings are made of 4 mil thick clear glossy material with a paper backer that is peeled off prior to application. These clings are ideal for POP signage on glass or other very smooth and clean surfaces.


Can static clings be used outdoors?


As static clings do not have an adhesive, they should only be used outdoors for temporary situations as weather and humidity will reduce their cling ability after a short period of time.


Can I write on your static clings?


Yes, you can write on static clings. We find that permanent markers work best for writing on the cling material. It is always a good idea to give the ink a chance to dry before using your static clings.


Can you print custom static clings with sequential numbering?


Yes, we can print custom static clings with either sequential numbering or variable data. If this is a feature you require, please let our sales team know.


What is static cling back printing?


Static cling back printing is black and white (grayscale) printing on the paper backing that peels off of your cling. It can be used for additional artwork and information such as your URL, QR codes, contact information, or other important information.


How do window clings adhere to the surface?


Window clings use static properties to adhere to the glass surface. Clings do not have any adhesive on them and thus can only be used extremely smooth surfaces similar to glass.


Does it work on a car window? Does it last on a car window?


Yes, many of our customers have used our reverse printed window clings on car windows. As long as the cling has been correctly applied from the inside of the car window, it should stay on the car window.


Will my custom static clings have your branding on them?


No. We do not add our branding to your clings. We only print what you provide as part of your design file.


Can you make window clings?


Yes, we offer different types of cling that can be used on windows. Our front static clings are sticky on the front (the side with the design) and are made to be placed on the inside of a window and visible from the other side.

Material Clear Static Cling
White Static Cling
Style Single Sided
Double Sided
Clear Background
Coloured Background
Size Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: N/A
Coating: N/A
Features Die-cut Shapes
Kiss Cut Sheets
Other Options Multiple Designs
Front Static/Adhesive
Printing on Backer
Extended Backer
SKU# SC-001

Custom Static Clings

For those who are fed up with stickers that damage surfaces by leaving behind adhesive residue, there is a great solution! Custom vinyl clings are the most innovative and modernized form of stickers. They do not damage surfaces since they don’t make use of adhesive material for application. Clings are non-adhesive stickers that utilize electro static charge to adhere to glass surfaces.

The most common uses of clings include application on windows at supermarkets, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, cafés, clubs, hair salons, banks and many more. Clings work great on glass windows and doors by providing a wonderful inviting impression to potential customers as well as the window shoppers.

Die Cut Static Cling Decals

These non-adhesive static clings are repositionable, removable and reusable. At Printingblue we can make these clings in round, square, rectangular, oval and any custom shape that suits your requirements.

Double Sided Static Cling Decals

Double sided static clings are special stickers which are printed on both sides. They are printed for pasting on to a glass surface in order to be readable from both sides. They are often printed with company’s name with PUSH written on one side and PULL on the other for use on glass doors. The other uses of double side decals include storefront windows/doors, automobile windows, office windows etc. where you want some information to be viewed both from inside and outside.

Auto & Car Window Clings

Automobiles have always worked as great means of transportation across the globe however when they are used as advertising tools, they have the power to work wonders with your promotional campaigns. Making your fellow motorists on the road to read your promotional message can help by providing a huge exposure to your products and services.  The auto clings promise great return on investment since their radius of prospects is unlimited. They do not specifically target an area for publicity of your promotional message. The use of printed auto clings is also very common in political and fundraising campaigns around the world. If you are also planning to spread your message across public while on the move, then Printingblue can help you find a solution.

Special Benefits:

Static clings are a versatile and convenient alternative to traditional stickers and decals, offering various benefits for personal and professional use. They are practical and cost-effective, providing an attractive solution for decorating and promotional needs. Here are some unique benefits of using static clings:

  • Easy Application and Removal: One of the main benefits of static clings is their ease of application and removal. Static clings do not require adhesive or tape, making them simple to install and reposition. They also do not leave any residue behind when removed and thus leave your surfaces clean and damage-free.
  • Reusability: Static clings can be easily removed and reused multiple times. They are durable and can be reused, which makes them cost-effective as you will not have to discard them if they need to be repositioned.
  • Customization: Static clings can be customised to suit your needs, with various shapes, sizes, colours, and designs available. It makes them ideal for personal use, such as decorating a child's room or creating holiday decorations, and professional use, such as promotional materials or window displays for businesses.
  • Versatility: Static clings can be used for various marketing and decorating applications, including window decorations, car decals, promotional materials, and signage. Their versatility makes them a popular choice for business owners looking for an easy, customisable answer to their decorating or marketing needs.

At Printingblue, we specialize in crafting custom static window clings that are tailored to your preferences. Our wide range of options includes various shapes, colours, and sizes, and we even offer die-cut static shapes upon request. We utilize full-colour CMYK/PMS printing to ensure that your static window decals are precisely printed to your specifications. Our designing and printing consultants are always available to assist you via phone or online chat, so do not hesitate to contact us when you're ready to have your custom cling printing done.

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